Racines Hébraiques

My Beliefs

This blog is a collection of my study of the bible.

I believe in the truth of the bible as being God’s word. I believe God’s word is simple to understand if you study ALL of it, not just bits and pieces.

God’s word does not teach of a “pre-tribulation rapture”. God’s word does not teach of a second chance after His elect are gathered to Him. God’s word does not teach of a “once saved, always saved” doctrine.

God’s word teaches that baptism by water alone is not being saved. God’s word teaches that His elect will endure the great tribulation of the final days. God’s word teaches that He will help us through it, not remove us from it. God’s word teaches that when He returns and sends an angel to gather His elect, the whole world will see Him at that time. It will not be secret nor silent. God’s word teaches that the whole world will be a part of the tribulation, not just Israel. God’s word teaches only ONE second coming (there will be NO third coming) and only ONE gathering of His elect, the dead in Christ first then we who are alive. God’s word teaches that we have little faith. Not just faith that He exists but, faith that He will provide for us in all ways. God’s word teaches that we should study ALL scripture.

God grant me the obedience of Abraham, the loyalty of David, the wisdom of Solomon, the patience of Job, the faith of Daniel, the endurance of the disciples, and the love of Jesus Christ. Amen

God Bless.

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